After you’ve written a great book, finding a book agent can seem like a daunting task. Here are some steps that you can take in order to find an agent that is right for you and your needs. You can review recently published books that are in the same genre and type of book that you’ve written to see whom the author lists as their agent. You could then contact that agent or their company to gain information. There are also numerous websites that will help you to find an agent. Another suggestion is to consult the current edition of Writer’s Market; this book, which is published yearly, contains a great deal of information about various agents as well as many publishing companies. It is imperative that you find an agent who has interests and needs that match your own. You will probably find it necessary to contact several agents before you find the right one. If you get turned down by one or more agents, keep trying. You will eventually find the right one.
However, it is important that you hire a professional editor before you find a book agent or submit a manuscript to him or her. The more your book is free of errors, the better the chance it stands of being published, or at least considered. Even if the underlying content of your nonfiction or fiction book is fascinating and worthwhile, your manuscript will not have a chance of being published if it has grammatical or technical errors. It is common for agents to require a query letter in addition to a completed manuscript or a few chapters of a completed manuscript. Some agents may also require a synopsis of your book. Pay careful attention to the requirements of the specific agents whom you contact and follow them precisely. Besides helping to edit your manuscript and provide suggestions, a professional editor can assist you in writing a query letter or synopsis.
If you decide to go with a freelance editor who does not work for a professional editing company, you may have a difficult time getting the high level of editing service that you are expecting. Often freelance editors do not have satisfaction guarantees, may not always return your work when promised, and may even try to charge you more than the price than you originally agreed to.
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