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Books AtoZ

Links to related publishing sites, academic research, a calendar of book events, experimental online publications, and advice.

Everyone Who's Anyone in Adult Trade Publishing

Directory of contact information for literary agents, editors, and book publishers in the U.S., U.K., and Canada

Publishers Marketplace

Online database for publishing professionals. From PublisherLunch.

Writers Publish

Resource for authors and publishers featuring news, e-books, freelance jobs, writing contests, and advice.


The Publishing Portal. Provides the tools, the community, and the knowledge to make book publishing simpler, rewarding, and profitable.


Offers a searchable directory of the catalogs of major play publishers.

ITI's Literary Market Place.com

Directory of American and Canadian book publishers. Helps publishing professionals, authors, and those looking for industry data.

Writer’s Resources

BellaOnline: Writing

Danielle Hollister writes articles, reviews links and hosts an email newsletter, and discussion forum.


The writers’ area is devoted to writers, published and unpublished. Advice, regular updates from the book business, a calendar of literary dates, and links to other sites.


Ideas to make better writers. Writers’ bookshop, discussion forums, eZine and newsletter, competition, plus writing, computing, and word processing help.


Offers forums and interviews with published authors. Also paying market and contest listings in a weblog format.


Aims to make writers feel better about procrastinators. Features ongoing commentary, diversions, and resources.

Resource Central

Links and resources for writing. Improve your writing skills, library skills, writing style, grammar. Fiction and nonfiction resources.

Scrawl: The Writer's Asylum

Provides writing workshops, story critiques, publication and support information, weekly flash fiction workshops, on-site e-zine publication, and discussion forums.

The Writer at Work

A free, weekly comic, by Richard Krzemien, for writers and creative people of all ages. The Writer mixes the working world of Dilbert with the absurdity of The Far Side.

Website Ideas for Writers

Every writer today needs an effective website as part of a complete marketing plan.

Writer Beware

Warnings and cautions for writers about literary frauds, scams, deceptions, and pitfalls.


Ideas, information and inspiration for writers.

Writers Write

Weekly magazine. Features author interviews, articles and daily editorial and publication news. Includes research, genre and marketplace links, as well as forums and archived issues.

Writing Corner

Resources, event listings, feature articles, newsletters and email lists. A site about the art, craft and business of writing.

Writer Beware

Warnings and cautions for writers about literary frauds, scams, deceptions, and pitfalls.


Writing articles and resources. Tips about how to become a better writer, get published and find writing markets. From Moira Allen.


Find creative writing articles, prompts, ideas, reviews and other resources for writers.


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We would love to have you as a client! First time clients are offered a 20% discount code (only available on this page). Coupon Code: NEW20 (enter this code on the order form) Please write down the coupon code. It is only available on this page. Then keep browsing our...

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How to Write an Author’s Bio

How to Write an Author’s Bio

Although you’re a good writer and generally you know your way around words, it is surprisingly difficult to write a good bio for your work. Of course, there are many ways to go about it and you will find yourself writing the bio over and over again to get the right...

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How to Edit Your Student Application

How to Edit Your Student Application

One of the most important phases in your life is the time when you’re applying to go to university or college. There are endless forms to fill in, references to be obtained and then, of course, the dreaded personal essay that you have to write. The personal essay is a...

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What is Track Changes? An Editor’s Best Friend

What is Track Changes? An Editor’s Best Friend

Understanding the usefulness of Microsoft Word Track Changes can be helpful wherever you have to share a document with other people and want to be able to see the changes they have made. Book-Editing-Services use this tool because it enhances the editing service...

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When to use Colon

When to use Colon

Although colons are seldom used, they are often used incorrectly. They are also often used interchangeably with the semi-colon. It is therefore important to have some guidelines as to when and how to use a colon. There is often confusion as to when to use a colon....

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Using Ellipses

Using Ellipses

People often ask how to use ellipses, those little dot-dot-dots you often see sometimes at the ends of sentences. When is it appropriate to use '...' in writing? Is it something featured only in informal writing or can it be used in academic or otherformal writing?...

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