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Questions Related to Book Editing Services

How much do professional book editing services cost?

Editing rates are calculated per word.

Online editing costs can vary from unrealistically cheap to bafflingly expensive. So shop with care!

The cost at is just pennies per word! The service is professional while the price is highly competitive. Learn More

How do you edit my book online?

Online book editing is best provided by humans sitting behind the computer.

Don’t trust software programs which promise editing for a cheap price. Online editing software results will end in disaster.

So if you ask yourself, what is the best way to edit my book? Hire a professional book editing company to ensure quality and fast delivery.

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I need book editing help from a professional editor. What can YOU do for me?

We can help you edit your book!
We can assist with every correction within your writing. Grammar, spelling, punctuation, transition, citations, formatting, plot development, query letters, and more!

Your project is custom-designed to fit your needs. We can help you with any kind of book editing services.

Simply outline your complete instructions, needs and questions.

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What online book editing services do you provide?

We personally customize our online services for each project.

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I am looking for freelance editors. What does a freelance editor do? Do you provide freelance editing services?

Freelance editors provide editing services which include correction of grammar, punctuation, spelling, transitions, citations, and more.

Freelance editors work independently, charge accordingly and respond to your needs individually.

Some are great; many are bad. Thus, it is safer to contract the services of a professional editing company.

We are NOT freelance editors.

We are an international corporation providing professional editorial services.

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English is not my native language. Do you edit English as a Second Language? (ESL)

A native English-speaking editor is vital when writing and English is not your native language.

Unfortunately, even if you have spoken and written English for years, readers can still see the difference in your choice of words and the language flow.

Thus, you need a professional to either proofread or completely reorganize your text as part of your editing services.

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What is freelance book editing?

Freelance editors are individuals who provide editing by independently contracting their labor to an individual client.

Quite often freelance editors are part-time individuals seeking full-time employment as an editor. This is quite dependent upon the market, their advertising abilities, editing skills and luck.

Freelance editing fees are generally calculated quite high to cover the “down times” frequently experienced as a contractor.

Compare editing prices instantly.

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What are professional editing services?

Basic editing consists of correcting and reviewing a written text’s spelling, punctuation, grammar, sentence structure, subject/verb agreement, word tense consistency and word usage.

It can also include formatting, citations, plot development, and more.

EVERY writer needs an editor to ensure accuracy and precision.

When submitting your writing for review and correction, select only the best and safest method – professional editing services offered by an established editing firm.

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I need a book editor / I need my book edited. What does an editor do?

Get online help with editing from online editors who correct grammar, punctuation, and spelling, ensure continuity of thoughts, smooth transitions, ensure logical flow of your writing, and more.

With an editor, you will get a set of fresh eyes to personally review every written word and ensure that you make a professional presentation BEFORE distributing it to other readers. Everyone needs a book editor, try one for your project today!

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Do you have professional proofreaders for my book?

Proofreading consists of reading a document to find errors and mark corrections. Basically, a proofreader will focus on ensuring correct grammar, spelling and punctuation.

However, a proofreader will not alter the writing through modification or organization as provided in editorial services.

Yes, proofreaders are available 24 hours a day/7 days a week.

See for yourself the quality of proofreading we provide

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What is the price per page for editing?

Traditionally, editing rates have been calculated per page. The cost is just pennies per word.

(A standard page is LESS than 300 words.)

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How much are book editor fees and editing rates?

Editing costs only pennies per word.

Large documents cost less.

The fees are based on the type of document, its size and its speed of delivery.

Click here for your FIRM price quote with NO hidden fees! No obligation!

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How do I communicate with my book editor?

Your editing project is assigned immediately to your personal editor. This is the same editor that provides your free editing sample. Additionally, all client files are managed by our professional editing consultants.

Furthermore, you may contact us via phone or email 24 hours a day / 7 days a week to receive additional support during your editing process.

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How long does book editing take?

Absolutely! Simply let us know what your editing needs are and how fast you require your document.

We will give you an honest and accurate answer to all your editing questions with a guaranteed delivery deadline.

Standard editing services delivery time is calculated based upon the size (total number of words or total pages) and the document type of your writing.

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How do I get a freelance editor job? is always accepting online editor applications for upcoming available positions.

All editors must have a minimum of 5 years editing experience PLUS formal training and/or education.

Editors must have ENGLISH as their mother-tongue and primary academic language.

Solid references and samples of work must be provided.

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Client Testimonials

David is very talented, gracious and yet firm in his critique and suggestions. He obviously took a great deal of time and care with my manuscript. Thank you!


Deerfield Beach, Florida

You did many improvements to my document. PLUS, you suggested that I add more references. This was great advice - I would rather do this now, rather than wait until it is published and wish I would have done it....

J. Patterson

Miami, Florida

Thanks for all the hard work with my book. You have been so helpful! I like the changes and am satisfied with them! You will be mentioned in my book for sure!

Christa Larsen

London, England

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