Your editor will have edited your documents using the Microsoft Word Track Changes tool.

This retains your original document while enabling you to see the amendments marked in red. The document will automatically open revealing these.

Once you have had the chance to review the edits, you will want to decide whether to accept or reject each one.

Whether you use Word 2002–2003, Word 2007, or Word 2010, follow the steps below.

How to Accept or Reject Track Changes:

–          Click on the Review tab, located in the toolbar.

(In Word 2002–2003 you will need to click on “View” and “Toolbars”

–          Then you must click on the Track Changes button and select Track Changes, and then select Accept or Reject).


Use the Accept or Reject buttons to accept or reject each of the changes. The first possibility offered is to move the cursor onto the next edit for review. (You can choose to Accept or Reject all edits in the document, but we strongly advise you to check the document carefully before selecting this option).

–          At any point you can compare the edited version with you original document by clicking on the Original button under the Tracking menu.

For further help, click on how to accept or reject Track Changes.

Once you have reviewed then accepted or rejected each change, you should find that your document is totally satisfactory.