Your style manual provides assistance on how to edit your writing, but a skilled editor can ensure that you adhere to that guide. First, however, be sure you’ve given your paper a thorough read-through once you’ve completed it. Second, make use of your computer’s word processing software. Finally, consider enlisting the aid of a professional editor.

You just finished an English essay, brief story, novel, or thesis. While you may be confident concerning the subject material, it is a good idea to make sure your work reads as clearly and accurately as possible. Read on for useful suggestions to aid in perfecting your work.

Initially, be sure you have covered the “editing basics.” During this initial once-over, you must eye the structure and entirety of the actual composition, determine if the vocabulary you use is clear and concise, ensure your writing style is appropriate for the target audience, and check to make sure there are no glaring spelling, punctuation, or grammar errors.

Second, utilize the editing instruments offered by your word processing software. For instance, Microsoft Word has a simple-to-use spelling and grammar check tool that will pinpoint obvious errors. Word also has a fantastic thesaurus tool that will help you find the exact term you are looking for, in addition to helping you avoid repetitive or wordy passages. Please note, however, that you cannot rely entirely on computing machine software. The human eye catches a lot of errors that software doesn’t, which is why you will need to read through the document yourself.

Third, make use of the free references that are available on the Internet. For instance, for those who are stumped on a grammar question and need to have an expert opinion on the problem, one of the useful resources accessible on the Web is If you have a specific question about the definition of a word, go to For assistance with synonyms, visit If you are an ESL writer struggling to convey ideas, try typing the words/phrases in your native language into

Finally, if you have exhausted your capabilities and resources and still feel your work needs some fine-tuning, please consider hiring a professional editor. A professional editor can help turn your awkward prose into a masterpiece. Skilled editors check everything from content to transitions to grammar and spelling. You’ll be amazed at the difference professional editing services can make!

In conclusion, when you want your writing to shine, ensure that you cover the “editing basics,” use the tools offered by your software, use on-line references when needed, and consider hiring an expert editor to ensure your literary success. Happy writing!