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Do you need an unbiased, professional edit and review of your fiction book? Do you want to be absolutely positive that it is error-free? Then you need help from a professional fiction book editor!

Whether you are a first time author who needs extensive review and assistance or an established author who needs only professional proofreading, it is always important to have an impartial, professional fiction book editing service review the details before you go public.


Fiction Book Editing

Our professional fiction book editors are vital to ensuring that you make the best first impression with every reader. We’ll edit for spelling, grammar, and punctuation. Additionally, we’ll ensure the continuity of ideas, flow of thoughts and general cohesion of your writing. All this for a reasonable editor fee!

Of course, we’ll also review your fiction book details accordingly, such as the development of characters, plot, and dialogue while maintaining your artistic voice within the text. Plus, we’ll include professional feedback for your benefit.


Book Editing Deadlines

Do you have an important book editing deadline quickly approaching? No problem! All online professional fiction editing services come with our corporate Satisfaction Guarantee.

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Try Before You Buy!

Simply send us a portion of your document for a free professional fiction editing sample of YOUR writing by clicking here. We’ll return your professionally edited fiction sample with an editorial critique within 24 hours – FREE!


All fiction book editing is provided using Track Changes so that you can individually review and accept or reject every detail. You ALWAYS maintain the intellectual property of your novel.

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Book Editing Privacy

Furthermore, while all work is protected by copyright law, your manuscript writing is secure with us. All information is transferred via secure transmission (SSL) and every professional online fiction editor has a signed Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) on file to protect your writing.

Should you require additional privacy protection, simply fax us your legal documents for signatures.


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