Testimonials: What Our Clients Say

North America


"Thank you very much..."

You've done a great editing job. Have a beautiful weekend, all of you.". Regards, Marian, Canada


"Thanks for a rich book edit and great advice"

You did many improvements to my document. PLUS, you suggested that I add more references. This was great advice - I would rather do this now, rather than wait until it is published and wish I would have done it....Many thanks, J. Patterson. Miami, Florida - FL


"Thank you for all of your help in getting my book ready to publish."

I am very happy with Chris' edits, and I would request Chris again. Thanks! Cheryl. Canada


"This is exactly want I was looking for and more!"

David is very talented, gracious and yet firn in his critique and suggestions. He obviously took a great deal of time and care with my manuscript. Thank you, Bob. Deerfield Beach, United States of America


"I am so happy to have fund a very wonderful editing company to have all my future work edited."

Thank you so very much for editing, Sebstians book. I feel you really did an outstanding job to help me bring Sebastian's first dressage show to live. Thank you again Iam looking forward to having you edit more of my work in the near future. Sincerely, Karin. United States of America


"Now I have published two novels and a children's book with your help."

Thank you for the PROFESSIONAL EDITING SERVICES. You have helped me make my book the best it can be. Regards, Steven Johnson. Los Angeles, California


"Thank you Dr, Barbara for the wonderful job you did on my document."

I always feel so good when my document comes back all cleaned up and ready for the next step. Great service! And, thank you for your lovely comments. Patsy, Coquitlam, Canada


"Please thank the editor!"

I belive he did a great job and his comments were very very helpful. Leroy, Sorrento, FL, United States of America


"I am really impressed by your editing company."

Several literary publishers were interested in my book manuscript.  I needed 3 edited sample chapters. You were the only company professionally editing and returning it the very next day! I will surely use your services again AND recommend to others. With all my appreciation, Linda Jones. Chicago, Illinois - IL


"I am VERY pleased with my book editor."

She has really GOOD suggestions. I appreciate her help 100%! Can you please ensure that I can keep her for the rest of my book? Regards, Michael Kaplan. Ontario, Canada


"I have found my editors notes very useful."

Thank you for your professional critique of my book manuscript as well as fulfilling my request for a query letter. Thank you for your services. Best Regards, Diane Lyndham. New York - NY


"Hello! The editing sample you sent looks excellent."

It gives me a great idea as to what you can do. My order is coming soon! Looking forward to your professional editing services. Many thanks, Linn Hallman. Seattle, Washington - WA

Rest of the World


"Hi Jo, Thank you very much!"

I was very excited to read my story they way it should be, great job on the editing, I will make the recommended changes and explanations you suggested. Regards, Kiri. Oakleigh, Australia


"Thank my editor so much for her help and I look forward to working with her again on the second book."

I really appreciated the detail in her comments and will begin work on (what I hope!) is the final draft based on her recommendations. thanks to everyone at the book editing services, I will definitely be using your services again. Regards, Joseph. London, United Kingdom


"Hi Book-Editing-Services Team!"

Thank you so much for doing another great job of editing my manuscript. Very happy as always. Have a great day! Regards, Dawn. Birmingham, United Kingdom


"Thank you, Dr. Manson!"

I appreciate -- and am very satisfied with -- your work. Regards, Jim. Vienna, VA, United States of America


"I was so pleased with the way you edited my manuscript"

Searching online for editors, I came across your site. I liked the fact that you provided an express service. I also read some of the comments that your clients had made about your professionalism. What I gained from your editing is a sense of confidence and relief that the grammar and punctuation that I struggled with was corrected. My editor's editing will serve as a guide  for future projects. I'm so happy I found your services! Would I recommend Professional-Book-Services.com to others? You bet! Elizabeth, Melbourne, Australia


"I am VERY satisfied. I really like the editing of my manuscript!"

Thanks for all the hard work with my book. You have been so helpful! I like the changes and am satisfied with them! You will be mentioned in my book for sure! Christa Larsen. London, England, United Kingdom


"Successfully published at last! You made the book perfect!"

Thanks to both of you. I am sure we will work together again soon. I enjoyed getting your feedback within your edits and comments. Maybe it was our common Southern Hemisphere attitude! You made my book what I needed it to be. Regards, Steve Wilson. Sydney, Australia


"Reliable and a good price!"

We just want to state that your editing services are of high quality with a good price. Just what we needed!" Sincerely, F. Bergmann. The European Publishing House


"The best experience so far with a professional editing company."

I will use your services AGAIN! You did a great job working through my book manuscript. I'm impressed by the detailed recommendations I received. Thanks!  K. Meredith. Birmingham, United Kingdom - UK


"Good job! This is the book I want to read!"

Professional and fast services. It looks really good.  Sincerely, G. Booker. Wellington, New Zealand - NZ


"My book looks much better. I LIKE your editing style very much!"

I was from the start under your magic. Thank you so much and I hope you may tolerate my broken English next time I order from you. All best to you guys! Sasha Kostnykov. Warsaw, Poland


"Dear Editor! "

Your answer is much appreciated and I love all your suggestions! Thank you so much! Regards, Scharlie. Oxfordshire, Great Britain

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Get a FREE Book Editing Sample

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