Additional Editing Services

Additional Editing Services include:

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Most additional services will be delivered after your editing project is completed and you review your edited document. The additional services are available on the order form.

  • Author Biography - $79.95

       Professionally written biography of author:

    • An author's biography needs to be compelling and concise, conveying a few relatable facts and a little personal history to readers. Your editor is in an excellent position to write a professional author's biography to go along with your manuscript. The biography is placed on the back cover of your book or used in your query letter to agents or publishers to introduce you to the world. 

  • Book Outline - $86.95 per page

       Chapter by chapter outline for submission to publishers:

    • Having an outline of your manuscript can be beneficial in planning, but it is also helpful after writing, too. Whether you are exploring possible revisions to introduce an unexpected twist or you are planning a sequel, start with an outline. The outline is a succinct blueprint of your entire manuscript, including the main events and how they unfold to create the plot from start to finish.

  • Book Synopsis - $86.95 per page

       Condensed overview of your writing to be submitted to publishers:

    • Present your story line with a professional synopsis that reveals everything that's unique and special about your manuscript. Your professional synopsis will introduce central characters, their relationships, and the conflicts that make up the central plot. Agents and publishers demand a professional synopsis as they determine whether they want to work with an author, so your synopsis can't miss the mark. 

  • Book Jacket Cover - $139.95

       The attention-grabbing blurb appearing on the back of your book:

    • Entice readers to pick up your book and dive in with a concise blurb that gives just enough details to make people want more. This blurb is often what it takes to sell your book, so it must be punchy and provocative. Your editor understands exactly how to weave in a bit of intrigue to introduce the protagonist and the conflict, while not giving away any spoilers.  

  • Editing Consultation - $109.95/hour

       Personal Skype conference and review with your book editor:

    • If you've ever wanted to pick an editor's brain to learn all about the publishing industry, here's your chance. Spend an hour chatting with your personal editor, asking all your important questions about writing and publishing and getting feedback for your manuscript. We'll even take notes so you have a record of the conference!

  • Editorial Review & Critique - $159.95

       Personal feedback prepared by your editor:

    • Get in-depth feedback regarding the strengths and potential weaknesses of your manuscript, ideal for revisions or for promotion after publishing. Professional feedback from your editor can be an invaluable tool for any author. Whether you have specific concerns about plot points or the flow or you're just looking for confirmation that you're on the right track, this review will give you what you need. 

  • Indexing Services - $ 2.95 per entry

       Complete indexing of your document:

    • An electronic index of keywords or terms, prepared by your editor. An index in an electronic manuscript can be a masterpiece of complexity. Give us your list of keywords, and we will expertly locate them throughout your manuscript to create an exhaustive list of entries at the back of your book, electronically linked between the index and every point in the text. 

  • Table of Contents - $86.95

        Electronically formatted table of contents:

    • A professional table of contents, prepared by your editor. An electronic table of contents is not merely a list of chapters with corresponding page numbers appearing at the front of your manuscript. The electronic table of contents your editor will prepare will update automatically with any modifications you make to your manuscript, ensuring that your table of contents remains current throughout all revisions.

  • Query Letter - $89.00

        A cover letter introducing your book to agents and publishers:

    • A professionally written query letter is designed to grab an agent's or publisher's attention to invite sample submissions of your manuscript. A successful query letter takes expertise, and it's every bit as important as your full manuscript. Enlist your editor's assistance to pitch your book successfully with a professional query letter.

  • Pagination - $24.95

        Accurate numbering added after editing:

    • If your publisher requires pagination, make sure it's done correctly. Your editor will add full numbering to your manuscript. Pagination includes placement of the numbering according to your specifications or your publisher's requirements. 

  • Formatting in Word - $59.95

        Professional presentation of .docx file according to industry standards:

    • Industry standards of a manuscript demand a clean layout. With our formatting service, your editor will perform a final basic service that ensures adherence to industry standards with a professional presentation. Formatting includes setting margins, spacing, font, and font size according to specifications you provide. 

  • Running Headers - $64.95

        Professional formatting of page headers:

    • Running headers appear at the top of your manuscript, often including the title of the manuscript and the author's name. Although this may seem straightforward, adding and formatting running headers can be problematic for many authors. The editor adds professionally formatted running headers, ensuring that the correct information is displayed on the proper pagehead, according to your specifications.
  • PDF Formatting of Document - $19.95

        Creating a copy of the document in PDF format:

    • After editing and formatting your manuscript in Microsoft Word format, safeguard it with an extra layer of protection. Your editor will convert your Word document to PDF with this service. Receive your final document in a secure PDF format that protects your document from unauthorized altering and copying.

  • Ebook Conversion Formatting - $2.90 per page after editing with us or $3.50 per page for stand-alone service

        In-depth epub or Mobi formatting:

    • Turn over all the technical aspects of formatting your Microsoft Word document. Ebook conversion can be an in-depth process, depending on your publisher's specifications. Just tell us who you're working with and get the specs, and we'll do the rest, delivering your fully formatted and converted ebook to you.